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M.Sc and PhD from Queens University and University of Ulster (United Kingdome) in medical and molecular genetics . Research fellow at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (United Nation, UNEDO) , Trieste, Italy (1989) . Research fellow at the Italian National Research Centre (CNR) and at the Instituto Superiora Di Sanita in Rome (1990) . Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster and Centre for Molecular Biosciences of Great Britain (2005) . Honorary Appointing visiting Professor at the school of Biomedical Science, University of Ulster (2006-2010) . Deputy president of the University of Kufa (1991-2001) and President of the University of Kufa since 2011.
1- DNA Repair

2- Genetics and cytogenetics of male infertility

3- Genetics and Cytogenetics of mental retardation

4- Molecular biology of Aging / Ageing of the eye lens

5- Nanotechnology

6- Molecular Genetics of Cancer

7- Tissue Culture

1- Medical Genetics

2- Molecular Genetics

3- Human Cytogenetics

4- Medical Nanotechnology

5- Tissue Culture and Biotechnology

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