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UOK A-Z index

1. B.A. in Fine Arts 1982-1983/College of Fine Arts/Baghdad University. 2. M.A. in Fine Arts 1989/College of Fine Arts/Baghdad University. 3. Ph.D. in Fine Arts 1999/College of Fine Arts/Baghdad University.
1. Perspective

2. Graphic Promotion

3. Educational Research Methods

4. Teaching Methods

1. Education Models and their applications.

2. The Relationship between the observer and the visual forms.

1. “A Comparison between linear central style and the automatic geometric style in the case of perspective.” Al-Fatah Magazine/Teachers College/Diyala University/No.10/2011

2. “Using the principles of perspective and mathematics in extrapolating and proving how to draw squares with vertical surfaces on a panel surface and squares with oblique surfaces on the earth surface.” Al-Fatah Magazine/Teachers College/Diyala University/No.12/2011

3. “Painting Vanished Surfaces as spatial and earthen view with limited specifications and method of identifying those specifications by using perspective and mathematics principles.”

Al-Fatah Magazine/Teachers College/Diyala University/No.13/2011

4. “Developing an alternative to draw one kind of the vanished lines with limited specifications and using that alternative for identifying those specifications of lines in perspective drawing.”

Al-Fatah Magazine/Teachers College/Diyala University/No.14/2011

5. “The Impact of Colbert Educational pattern on the scores of perspective subject of the students of the department of fine arts.”

Magazine of College of Education for Girls for Human Sciences/Kufa University/No.8/Year.5/2011

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