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M.sc from Kufa university, Department of Biology in Animal and Histology phsiology ,laicture in Department of Biology(2005-2012).I studied some lessons in Biology , researcher in Department in many researches,I did in some confreess and in the university or out it, and seminars of the university.
- Phsiological studies about effect extracts some plants on some blood parameters.

- Histological studies about male reproductive system

( in native goat).

- Histological studies about morphologic of the lingual papillae in the tongue of Ferret (Mustela putrious furo )

search about some diseases in human -

Animal phsiology

Animal Histology



1-Al- Essawi,Dalal .A.H.(2009). Effect of alcoholic extract of Thymus vulgaris L. leaves on some blood parameters of male mice(Mus musculus).

2--Mohammed,A.S;Kadim,D.A and Ebed,A.A .(2009). Some Morphometric And Histological Description Of The Seminiferous ,Striaghted and Rete testis Tubules In The Testis Of Indogenous Male Goats(Tow years) old.

3- Ebed,A.A;Kadim,D.A. Hussein, A. N.and Obaid,J.K(2011). Histological Study of Proximal Segment For Vas Deferens in the indogenous Mature goats

4—Mohammed,A.S; .Haider,S.K and Kadim,D.A.(2009). Some microscopic and morphologic aspects of the lingual papillae in the tongue of Ferret (Mustela putrious furo )

5- Al- Essawi,Dalal .A.H.(2011).study the changes in some biochemistry parameters in serum blood of male rats that acetate lead treated


6— Mohammed,A.S;Kadim,D.A and Ebed,A.A.(2011) Histologica study of Epididmyis head in indogenous mature male goat.

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