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I. Name And Surname: Hasan Latef Kadhom al-zobaidi. II. Place Of Birth: Iraq, Najaf, III. Date Of Birth: 1/1/ 1971 IV. Address: Iraq, Najaf, University of Kufa, Economics & Administration College V. E-Mail: [email protected] VI. Web site: hasnlz.com VII. Mobile: 00964 7810485792 VIII. Marital Status: Married IX. Occupation: Assistant Professor In University of Kufa X. Academic Degrees: Degree Date Received University College Country B.Sc. July 1998 Kufa Economics & Administration Iraq M.Sc. December 2000 Kufa Economics & Administration Iraq Ph.D. August 2004 Kufa Economics & Administration Iraq XI. The general field of specialization: Economics XII. The accurate field of specialization: Economic Development XIII. Current jobs & positions: - Asst. Professor at University of Kufa XIV. Previous posts: • The Chief of the Economics Department at the Economics and Administration College in Kufa University, (November 2004 – August 2006). • The Chief of the Strategic Studies Department in Iraqi Center For Researches & Studies (2006-2008) • The Chief of the Studies & Planning Department at Kufa University (September 2008-2010) • The Chief of the Economics Department at the Economics and Administration College in Kufa University, (November 2013-). XVI. Scientific Conferences and Symposium: 1- The First National Conference of Economics \ Economics & Administration College \ Kufa University; Kufa city, November 2000. 2- The Second National Conference of Economics \ Economics and Administration College \ Kufa University; (The Future of the Arab Economy Within the Inconstant International Environment), 8 – 9 October 2002. 3- The Conference of Qadissiya University, Qadissiya University, Diwaniya, 28-29 March 2001. 4- The Third Scientific Conference of Baghdad Combined-College of Economics, (Reviving Iraqi Economy: An Objective Necessity Against Embargo), Baghdad, 10-11 April 2001. 5- Baghdad Symposium (Globalization and
- Human Development

- Poverty Analysis

- Gender Studies

a-Principle of Economics

b-Monetary Theory

c-Public Finance

d-Economic Development


f- Education Economics

g-International Economics


1- The Usage of The Rational Expectations Concept in Analyzing The Inflationary Gap in The Iraqi Economy, the magazine of Babil University \ Vol. 7 \ Issue 6, 2002.

2- The State and the Globalization: What about the Future? \ Al-Hikma \ Issue 30, October 2002.

3- The Arabs and the Globalization: Submissiveness not readiness, a methodical approach from the shadow of the new political economics to the globalization and its effect upon the Arabs’ economy ; Baghdad Symposium’s researches and studies (14 – 16 April 2002), session 2, Al-Hikma House, Baghdad 2002.

4- The Globalized Economic System, Baghdad Combined-College of Economics magazine, issue 8, December 2004.

5- The Limitations of The Economic System In Iraq, Al-Gari for Administrations & Economics, issue 2, 2005.

6- The Iraqi Economy Scene: The Facts and The Options, Al-Gari for Administrations & Economics, issue 2, 2005.

7- The Political Economy Of Globalization: Reading The Global Patterns Of Transformation From The National Economy To The Globalized Economy, Economics & Administration Science magazine, Basra University, issue 18, 2006.

8- The Iraqi Economy: Present Burdens and Future Ambitions, Al-Multaka magazine (Afak Researches Institution, Baghdad), issue 3, summer 2006.

9- Corruption in Iraq: Roots, Offshoots, and Its Bitter Fruitage. Economic Studies, Al-Hikma House, issue 18, sixth year, summer 2006.

10- Poverty in Iraq: A Human Development Approach, Arabic Economic Journal (Cairo: Arab Society for Economic Research), No. 38, Spring 2007.

11- The Conceptual Frame For Human Development in Iraq, a study presented to the project of the Iraqi national human development report, 2007 .

12. Human Development in Iraq, Alqadesea Magazine, No. 9, 2007

13. The Concept of Islamic State in Emam Mohammed Baqer Alsadr thought, Al- Moben magazine, No. 10, 2007

14. Woman and Human Development In Iraq: an Islamic Approach Multaka magazine (Afak Researches Institution, Baghdad), issue 7, 2007

15. Oil and its Role Re-contraction of Iraq, Economic Studies, Al-Hikma House, issue19, 2007

16. The Future of Oil in The Gulf, The Gulf Magazine, , issue15 ,2008

17. Woman in Iraq: Gender Approach,

18. Unemployment in Iraq (2003-2009) , Economic Studies, Al-Hikma House, issue21, 2009

19. Islam and Economic Development, , Economic Studies, Al-Hikma House, issue25, 2011

20. Poverty and Public Distribution System, Al-Gari for Administrations & Economics, issue 22, 2012.

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