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Name: Dr. Prof Kamil Allawi Kadhim Dhedan al-Fatlawi. Scientific surname: Professor, Feb 2005. E-mail : [email protected] [email protected] Occupation: Professor in collage of Administration and Economics / Kufa University. Address: Kufa university master's compound, Kufa district, Najaf Gov, Iraq. Mobil phone: 00964 7705781770 00964 780 102 835. Land phone: 033 212 646 Nationality: Arabic Identity: Iraqi Religion: Muslim Degrees: Degree Date From Country BSC in Economics 1981 Baghdad University /College of Administration and Economics Iraq MSC in Economics 1988 Baghdad University /College of Administration and Economics Iraq PHD in Economics 1992 Baghdad University /College of Administration and Economics Iraq BSC in English Language 2013 Kufa University /College of Arts Iraq General Major: PHD in Economics Micro Major : Econometrics Occupied positions: Dean Assistant of college of Management and Economics/ Kufa University from 1992 to 2002. Head of Account Department in the same college from 2002 to 2003. Topics teached by in the BSC: Principals of Economics Mathematics for Economists Economic Development Economic l Statistics Economic Planning Econometrics Financial Mathematic Topics teached by in the MSC and PHD: Industrial Economic Monetary Theory Macroeconomics Theory Econometrics Microeconomic Theory Supervised on many MSC and PHD Thesis: Estimation & analysis of production and costs functions in Najaf men garments factory- Economics MSC. Influence of the pricing policy on the agriculture production in Iraq - Economics MSC. Analysis study to the relationship between the expenditure and economic growth in Iraq - Economics MSC. Analysis of the human development in selected Arab countries. Economics MSC The expected reflections of Euro on the Ara
All the areas of economics, banking and money
Principles of Economics

Mathematics for economists

Economic Development

Economic Statistics

industrial economy

Economic Planning


Financial Mathematics

* Industrial economy

* Critical Theory

* Macroeconomic

* Microeconomic theory

Analogical study to the respond of wheat farmers to the prices in Iraq.

Using time lag between the investment allocations and investment expenditure in agricultural sector in Iraq.

Analysis of the agricultural investment actuality (reality) in Iraq for the period 1970-1988.

Estimate the consumption function in Iraq for the period 1980-2002.

Estimate the demand for the money function in Iraq.

The demand on the money in Egypt, Econometrics study.

Globalization and international labor division .

Analysis the relation between the expenditure and economic growth in Iraq.

Activity of the fiscal and monetary policy in Iraq between the theatrical concept and scientific efforts.

Analysis the impacts of the fiscal policy on the prices in Iraq.

Analytic study to the actuality of Iraqi economy for the period 1970-2003.

The effecting factors on the value of Jordanian dinar and Egyptian Pound, Econometrics study.

Management of exchange rate in fluctuated economical environment, econometrics study to the Jordanian dinar and Egyptian Pound.

Analysis of the human development indicators in Jordan.

Estimate the poverty functions in selected Arab countries.

Management of the foreign exchange rate in front of the Iraqi dinar under the monetary and real shocks.

Vision for the future of Iraqi economy.

Economic security in Iraq / adjacent to the perspective human development.

Measuring the activity of the monetary and fiscal policy in Iraq.

The effect of the pricing policy on rice production in Iraq.

Analysis the reality of the manufacturing industry in Arabic Republic of Yemen.

Some other researches.

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