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B.Sc from Al- Kufa University in Civil Engineering (1999).M.Sc and PhD from Al- Technology University in soil mechanics and foundation engineering (2002) and (2008) respectively.Curator of Civil Engineering Department. Council 2003, 2004,2005. Member of the examination Committee of Civil Engineering Department2009 , Head of Civil Engineering Department 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.The skills: (i)-Design of many engineering Projects( high building, earth dam) (ii)- Working with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Grapher, Server .Maple.(iii)- Analysis program: ANSYS , Statistical (iv)-Graphical Program: Auto Cade. (v)- Programming Langs.: Visual Basic, QBasic, Fortran 90.
1- Influence of water on the behavior of footings.

2- Bearing capacity of soil with cavity.

3- Seepage of Water.

4- Deep Foundation: Pile Group.

5- Shallow Foundation :Raft Foundation.

6- Lateral resistance of all Types of Foundation.

7- Single Pile.

8- Compacted Sand.

9- Sheet piles.

10- Coefficient of Permeability.

11- Improvement of Sandy Soil.

12- Geogrids.

13- Fluvial Soil.

1- Foundation Engineering.

2- Soil Mechanics.

3- Advanced Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.

4- Soil and Foundation Dynamics.

5- Geology Engineering.

6- Rock Mechanics.

7- GroundWater and Seepage.

8- Soil Improvement.

9- Finite Element.

10- Engineering Analysis.

11- Stresses Analysis.

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