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I am a computer engineer, I got my B. Sc. in Computer and Control Systems from University of Technology (Iraq - Baghdad) in 2006-2007. Later, I got a M.Sc. in Computer Science (Distributed Computing and Networks) from USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia). In academic career, I was a lab instructor in the Assembly programming laboratory at Islamic University College (Iraq Najaf) in the department of Computer Technical engineering (2008-2009). Also, I was a Lab instructor in the Operating System laboratory at the University of Kufa in the faculty of Education for girls Department of Computer Education (2009). Currently I am the manager of the Programming Department of the Information Technology Research and Development Center.
1- Computer and network security.

2- Intrusion detection system.

3- Malware.

4- Web system engineering.

And many more...

1- Computer Networks and Data communications.

2- Operating Systems.

3- Network Security.

4- Parallel and Distributed Computing.

5- Computer Architecture.

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