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? B.Sc. soil science and water resourcesFaculty of Agriculture, University of Baghdad (1992). ? M.Sc. Soil science and water resources Faculty of Agriculture, University of Baghdad (1996). ? Ph.D. soil science and water resources, faculty of Agriculture, University of Baghdad (2004).
bio-fertilization, plant pathology, biological soil reclamation

soil microbiology, biotechnology, organic farming, sustainable agriculture, bio-fertilization, applied microbiology
? Hammadi, M.T. ; A.E.Hasan and A.H.Alwan.2012. the role of algal extracts and chelated iron on the growth and flowering of Zinnia elegans.International journal of development Vol.1(2):85-93.

? Talib, M.; A.E. Hasan and A. O. Hashim. 2012. Response of Calendula officinalis to spraying with algal extract. Euphrates Journal of Agriculture Science, 4(2): 1-11

? Salman , A. M. and A. E. Hasan.2011.Efficiency of some plant extracts, Bacilluscereus and antibiotics on control the soft rot disease on potato caused by ErwiniacarotovoraSubsp. Carotovora. Journal of Kufa Agricultural Sciences 3(1):101-116.

? Majeed, M. D.; A.E. Hasan and MajeedJasim Jiad.2010. Effect of soil texture and chemical fertilizers application times on the activity of Fusariumgraminearum ,Rhizoctoniasolani , the bio-control agents Trichodermaharzianum, Penicilliumoxalicumand the growth and yield of wheat plant. Kufa Agricultural Sciences Journal (2):115-131.

? Hasan, A. E. And Sadiq M. Ali.2009.Evaluation of efficiency of nitrogen and copper on the control of the bacterial blight on the onion caused by Xanthomonascampestris Babylon University Journal 17 (4):1525-1535.

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