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Name :Qassim shamki jabar University of kufa Faculty of science Department of physics Kufa ,p.o.Box 21 : Email:[email protected] B.sc from kufa university/college of education in physics and M.sc from Al- Mustansiriya university / college of education in nuclear physics .
researchers in nuclear experimental and atomic physics
mathemathitical physics ,modern physics

1 Natural radioactivity of some local building materials in the middle Euphrates of Iraq

2 Measurement of the absorbed and elemental in the middle Euphrates of Iraq

3 Calculation of the one- electron distance expectation values and standard deviation for Al-atom orbitals

4 New method for determination the ESR

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6 Calculation of the one- electron and inter particle distance expectation values for He-atom using different wave functions

7 Calculation of the standard deviation and nuclear magnetic shielding constantfor Li-atom

8 Study the correlation energy of Be+2

9 Study of energy and some atomic properties for electronic shells at ground state of three electrons system by analysis hartree –fock Roothaan wave function

10 Calculation of the energies of K-shell for some atoms by using Hartree-Fock wave function

11 Study of some atomic properties for like ions of Be-atom by using Hartree-Fock wave function

12 Radial expectation values and electrons density at the nucleus of four electron systems

13 Evaluation the correlation energy and electron density at the nucleus using position space

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