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Bsc in bilogy from university of Basrah in the year 1995 .MSC in reproductive physiology in the year 1999 Phd in endocrinology from college of education Basrah university of iraq in the year 2007.
1- Studying the toxylogical effect of defferent chemical compounds

2- Studying the hormonal disturbance specially the gonadal hormons

3- Studying the alternative therabutics derived from natural product of diabetic disease

4- Studying the histological effect of different chemical compounds

5- Studying the molecular basis of different blood diseases

6- Studying the genotype of different chronic diseases

1- physiology

2- histology

3- general biology

1-Effect of glibenclamide drug supported to chitosan and chitosan-gelatin matrices in blood glucose of Rattus rattus (Sprague dawley)

2-Evaluation The antibacterial activity and healing enhancer of Calendula officinalis extract in laboratory mice Mus musculus

3-Comparison the effect of Various Cinnamon plant Extracts with Metformin in Blood Glucose level of alloxan-induced diabetic laboratory rats.

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