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BA (1994) and MA (1997) in History from the College of Arts University of Kufa . Ph.D. in modern and contemporary History from the University of Baghdad (Iraq) (2008). Teacher at the College of Education, Beida, ( Libya) (1997) . Teacher and researcher in the College of Education and Science, University of Sebha ,( Libya ) (2001). Teacher and researcher at the College of Islamic Sciences, University of Kufa (2005) . Teacher and researcher in the College of Education for Girls, University of Kufa (2009) . Chairman of the Department of History at the College of Education for Girls, University of Kufa (2010). Professor of graduate studies in the Department of History / College of Education for Girls in 2011 Secretary General of the Central Library, University of Kufa (2012). Scientific Associate of the Faculty of Archaeology / University of Kufa in 2014.
Documentary history.

Iraq's Contemporary History.

Iraq's modern History.

Local History of the Kufa, Najaf city.

Shia political and social. History.

Iraq's contemporary and modern History.

Arab's contemporary and modern History.

Historical research method.

Investigation and documentation

Labor movements in Najaf.

University of Kufa private - Documentary Study.

Endowment lands and the Valley of Peace between the religious heritage and government documents.

Administrative status of the city of Najaf and its impact on the political activity of the Hoza.

Najaf and the first parliamentary elections - Documentary Study.

Ways to improve the performance of the members of teaching staff university.

The role of Imam Sadiq (AS) in establishing chemistry.

Backwardness and corruption in the administrative system in Iraq .

Historical notation of Alburaqi (a study in the curriculum and resources in the light of historical manuscripts).

The role of Najaf in Iraq uprising of 1952 _ Documentary study.

The history of democratic development in contemporary Iraq.

University of Kufa and the idea of incorporation and development.

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