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Zaid Alyasseri is an Asst. Lecturer at the University of Kufa-Iraq . Where I received my BSc in computer science from Babylon University in 2007 and MSc in computer science from University Science Malaysia (USM) in 2013 . I have experience for 10 years in software development and system analysis also I have a good experience in many programming languages and database such as Pascal, C, C++, Visual C++,VB6,VB.net, Delphi, PHP, Java, Matlab, SQL, MySQL, Oracle. Further, I have some published papers in international journals such as (IEEE, ACIT, European Academic Research and IASJ (.
1- Computer vision and image processing

2- Parallel Computing

3- Database system and Data mining

4- Bioinformatics

5- Evolutionary Computing and Algorithms

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1. Parallelize Bubble Sort Algorithm Using OpenMP, Zaid Abdi Alkareem Alyasseri, Kadhim Al-Attar, Mazin Nasir and Ismail, 2014, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Vol 4 , Issue 1, PP 103-110.

2. Recognizing Occluded and Illuminated Faces using ICA Algorithm, Ebtesam N. Abdullah AlShemmary, Zaid Abdi Alkareem Alyasseri, Ibrahim Venkat , ZohaPourebtehaj and MarwahHaithamKhattab, 2013 , ICCEMS2013 , KL- Malaysia international conference .

3. Zaid Abdi Alkareem, Y. A., Venkat, I., Al-Betar, M. A., & Khader, A. T. (2012, September). Edge preserving image enhancement via harmony search algorithm. In Data Mining and Optimization (DMO), 2012 4th Conference on (pp. 47-52). IEEE.

4. Nidhal K. Alabbadiand ZAID YAHYA A. KAREEM ABBADI. "NK-SORTING ALGORITHM." Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer Vol1.4 (2011): 27-35.

5. NK-Sorting Algorithm,Nidhal K. Alabbadi and Zaid Abdi Alkareem , (2010), ACIT Conference, Lybia

6. SKIN TEXTURE RECOGNITION USING NEURAL NETWORKS , Nidhal K. Alabbadi, NizarSaadiDahir&Zaid Abdi Alkareem,(2008), ACIT Conference, Tunisia.

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