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1980 – B.Sc., College of Science, University of Baghdad 1988 – M.Sc., College of Science/ Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission 1990 – Lecturer, College of Science 1995 – Assistant Professor, College of Science 1998 – Ph.D., College of Science 2002 – Professor of Theoretical Chemistry and Nuclear Chemistry Professor of Nuclear and Quantum Chemistry- (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., MACS, MRSC, FRSC, CChem, CSci)
- Improving the principles of Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Chemistry. In the last 6 years busy in writing new nuclear principles. In 2008, derived a novel non-relativistic mass-energy equivalence E=mbc where b is a new universal particle speed constant equal to 0.603797x108 m/s which gives E/m= 1.8101351214x1016 J/kg or 1u= 187.607 MeV. Derived a novel wave-particle equation similar to the De Broglie equation for non-relativistic relations to describe the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the fermion as follows: ?=mbc/h.

- Improvement of some biological active molecules used in anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-Alzheimer and anti-Parkinson and other drugs.

- Monitoring environmental radiation pollution. An extensive study of tropospheric ozone with light hydrocarbons (petroleum gas) have been performed which is known to be important in atmospheric chemistry.

-Investigations of some reactions mechanism by theoretical studies of these systems.

- Improvement of some industrial a

Nuclear Chemistry –Nuclear research
- Over forty-five papers written in different fields (e.g. Nuclear, Physical and theoretical and quantum and drug science). 29 are published and 16 under progress. These publications are distributed on the following fields:

1) Physical Chemistry-Quantum Chemistry

2) Organic Chemistry-Quantum Chemistry

3) Analytical Chemistry- Quantum Chemistry

4) Inorganic-Organometallic- Quantum Chemistry

5) Inorganic-Drugs-(antibiotic-diabetics-Alzheimer-Anticancer)-Quantum Chemistry

6) Environmental Chemistry- Quantum Chemistry

7) Nuclear- Quantum Chemistry and Physics- (New concepts and new nuclear theory). It took five years to publish the novel nuclear theory in in three parts in 2008, 2009 and in 2013.

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