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M.Sc and PhD from Kufa University and Al-Nahrain University in biochemistry and medical chemistry. Faculty member in the College of Medicine - University of Kufa since 2001, giving lectures at colleges of pharmacy and dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine and science, and a former research scientist in the united Cancer Research Center digestive tract and liver.
Biochemical studies on colorectal cancer.

Biochemical studies on bladder cancer.

Studies on the hormonal changes for people with sickle cell disease, poverty.

Studies on the dynamic changes of the parameters of the disease diabetes

-Basic of Biochemistry

-Metabolism of carbohydrate and lipids


-Clinical chemistry


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2-Study of the effect of iron overload on the function of endocrine glands in Thalassemic male patients.(2011)Asia Journal of Transfusion Science. Vol. 5. No. 2,127-131.

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10-The relationship between trace elements (Mn,Zn,Pb) levels and alzaheimers disease rictimes. (2002) Kufa Med.J. Vol.5 No2,181-188.

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