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M.Sc and Ph.D from Liverpool University (United Kingdom) in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Brief accurate in the field of Phase Transition and Critical Phenomena (Frustrated Ising Chains Properties). Higher Diploma in methods of teaching mathematics from Baghdad University, Iraq. Visiting fellow at the Department of Pure Mathematics, Liverpool University(1989). Visiting fellow at the Department of Statistics and Computer Science, Liverpool University(1990).Lecturer at the Department of Statistics and Computational Mathematics, Liverpool University(1991-1992). Appointed rater by the Arab Open University in Kuwait (2001) for the courses: and ( ED 465 for science ) . ( ( ED 434 for science and mathematics Design and produce a Scientific dictionary for expressions used by the University of Ajman for Science and Technology Network. Supervise graduate and postgraduate students.
Solid State Physics

Operational Research

Mathematical Modelling

Statistical Studies and data analysis

Differential equations and its application

Differential equations

Mathematical modelling


Integration and Differentiation

Operational research

Mathematical Analysis

Complex Analysis

Numerical Analysis

Methods of Teaching Mathematics

Real Analysis

Mathematical methods

Linear Algebra

Analytic Geometry

1.Frustrated Ising Chains IV

2.Ground State of Frustrated Ferro-magnetic Ising Chains in A Uniform-Random External Magnetic Field.

3.Dilute One-Dimensional Ising Model Properties

4.Properties at the Free End Anti-ferromagnetic Ising Chains in A Uniform External Magnetic Field at Low Temperature

5.Statistical approach for the free ends frustrated Ising Chains

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