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Place & Data of Birth: 23 Nov. 1982 Iraq, Najaf. Nationality: IRAQI Gender: Female Marital Status: Married . Ethnicity &Religion: Arabic / Muslim Languages: Arabic, English Bachelor in Biology/ Biology department/ Faculty of Science /2003-2004 Master in Biology (Virology) /Biology department/ Faculty of Science /2014-2015
Immunotherapy, tissue culture, FISH, EM and immunoflourescent prodiagnostic of different diseases.
Virology, transported infections, microbial diagnosis and immunity.
1- Role of HCMV in patients women suffering from abortion.

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No.R: 715/ No.M.:692

2- Histochemical and pheromonal components of mouse preputial gland in relation to estradiol treatment. (European Journal of Scientific Research) ISSn 1450-216x/1450-202x.Italian

Date: 01-03-2015.

3- In vitro the effect of intestinal normal flora on some pathogenic bacteria.

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4- Valsartan superior amlodipine in the protection of patients have moderate hypertension with cardiovascular risks in Najaf province.

(International Journal of Advanced Research)

( February (29) issue, VOL 4 (2016) )

5- Association between HCMV and Some Procoaculations Factors in Aborted Women in

AL- Najaf Province, Iraq

(International Journal of Advanced Research).

(2015) Volume 3, Issue 11, 1267 1273

.6- Virulance factors of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from wound and burn infections

( International journal of current resesrch in biosciences and plant biology)

2(6): 153-162, 2015.

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