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B.Sc.degree in Animal Biology - Collge of Education/ Kufa University-2002. MSC. In Animal Histology Department of Biology College of Education/Kufa university. Title of thesis: (Effet of Vitamine C in some males of albino mice treated with acrylemide ). Experiances: ? 1-Experience in Histological preparation of up normal tissues. 2-Experience in diagnosis of up normal changes in Histological tissues. 3-Experience in management and work on programmes of computer.
Histological researches

Physiological researches

Normal and upnormal tissues preparation

General animal principle

Animal physiology


1-Effect of vitamin c in livers of males albino mice that treated with Acrylemide.vol 13 number 4 ,p:85.2008

2-The relationship Among the maternal Ages ,year ,months, neonates sex and congenital malformations in Najaf city .p:540-549. 2010 .

3- Path histological changes from used of different doses of sodium fluoride on ovum and oviduct of chicken (newhimshier)2009. Vol. 1 number (2) p: 155-161.

4- Effect of vitamin c in lungs of males albino mice that treated with 2009 Acrylemide . vol.8 No.2 p:214.

5- Histophisiolpgical study of livers and kidneys of rats that treated with different concentrations of sodium sulfate.vol 7 numbers 1 p: 55-62.2009

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