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Certificates 1. B.Sc. in Chemistry (1991): from Department of Chemistry/ College of Science /University of Mosul. 2. M.Sc. in Medical Chemistry (2000): from Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry/ College of Medicine/ Al-Nahrain University. 3. High Graduate Diploma in Clinical Biochemistry (2001): from Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry/ College of Medicine/ Al-Nahrain University. 4. Ph.D. in Medical Chemistry (2004): from Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry/ College of Medicine/ Al-Nahrain University.:
Research Interests:

Nanobiochemistry, Clinical Chemistry, Medical applications of surface chemistry, Protein-nanoparticle interactions.

Biomolecules, Metabolism, Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Nanobiochemistry, and Lab technique.
Published Researches:

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