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M.Sc and PhD from Baghdad University ( Iraq) in virology and bacteriology . Research fellow at Faculties of Agriculture, Science (Baghdad), Iraq (1984). Research fellow at the Faculties of Agriculture , Science, Veterinary Medicine & Medicine (Baghdad), Iraq(1998). Dr. Al- Fadhl awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Histopathology from the University of Baghdad, in 1998. Dr. Alfadhl is a membership in American Phytopathological Society for 25 years. Dr. Al-Fadhl was employed in 1999 as a teacher of histopathology in college of science / University of Baghdad. Dr. Al-Fadhl was employed as a technical manager in Swiss based entity (Novarits and Syngenta) in 1999 for nine years, (Feb 10, 1999 Aug, 06). Dr. Al-fadhl was employed as a Chairman of Najaf Investment Commission for two years (starting from March, 08 to Jun, 10). Lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture / University of Kufa (2010-2013), teaching Virology , Plant pathology , Pesticides , IPM & Bacteriology.
1- Virology

2- Bacteriology

3- Plant Diseases of Fungi

4- IPM Programs

5- Ground Application of Pesticides

6- Histopathology

- Under graduate students : Pesticides , Virology & Plant pathology

- Graduate students : Soil bacteriology , IPM & Research planning

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