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( Iraq ) University of Baghdad Ph.D and Ms.c. in Physical chemistry Lecturer Assist. In Physical chemistry 1990 in college of girl education /University of Kufa. Lecturer in Physical Pharmacy 2001 in college of Pharmacy / University of Kufa. Assist. Professor in Physical Pharmacy 2006 in college of Pharmacy / University of Kufa.
1- Bio-physical studies of some coenzyme.

2- Kinetics studies of the complexes reactions.

3-Thioratical chemistry ( Quantum chemistry ) studies.

4-Electrochemical studies.

5-Quantitative Stricture Activity Relationship( Q.S.A.R.) of compound activity.

1-Kinetics .


3-Quantum chemistry.

4- Electrochemistry.


6-Physical Pharmacy.

1-Diffusion rate constants of Ubiquinon,0 and Ubiqunone.10 from aqueous buffer solutions into phospholipids bilayers. Falah S. Abed and Muthana Shanshal, Chimica Acta Turcica 20 (1992).

2-Themodynamic parameters of intra and intermolecular Hydrogen bond for a-Naphthol and its derivatives. Falah Shareif Abed Suhyl, Journal of Babylon university, 13 ( 3) 2006.

3-Spectrophotometric studies of coenzyme-Q6 in Organic and micelles solutions. Mosa Omran Kaduim and Falah Shreef Abud , Kufa Med. Journal 9(1) 2006.

4-Synthisis and kinetic study of new Bismuth visible glass contains different amounts of Germanium Oxide. Falah S. Suhyl ,My Eassa Mahmud and Hussain J.Mohamad, Supplement AL-Kufa Journal 8(2)2007.

5-Spectroscopic study to pyrethroids compounds with respiratory chain compounds. Kassim H. Kadium , Falah S. Abed and Allaa E.Habib, National Journal of chemistry, 30,2008.

6- Theoretical investigation in electronic structure of Stavudine and it's derivatives by quantum chemistry. Karrar A.Saeed and Falah S. Abed, Journal of Kufa for chemical sciences,(2)2011.

7-Polarographic study to calculate NADH complexes stability with some electron resepters in aqueous solutions. Razzak A. Ebraheem and Falah S. Abed , Journal of Kufa for chemical sciences ,(4)2012.

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