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Full name: Dr. Abdul Hassan Abdul Musa Jadou slave Marital status: Married with eight sons Degrees : - Bachelor's degree in Arabic from the Faculty of Arts - Mustansiriya University in 1990 - Master's degree in Arabic from the Faculty of Arts - University of Kufa in 2001 - PhD in Arabic language from the Faculty of Arts - University of Qadisiya, 2007 Date of appointment as a teacher in the education of Muthanna 1990 Directorate Date of appointment in higher education in 2001 at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Qadisiyah Discussed more than 30 master's and doctoral and evaluated more than 15 master's and doctoral and 15 scientific papers and supervised the three master theses and doctoral thesis I was a member in more than 20 committees, including investigative and Examination of them, including the cultural committees and scientific committees and commissions and other presided over a number of them. He participated in several conferences, including inside and outside Iraq and participated in many scientific symposiums. I have the book printed and published five research and two are acceptable for publication and 3 research in progress
Semantics and grammatical topics as

Literature and poetry criticism

Grammer Science
1. Alaalal when Ashmouni (d. 900 AH)

2. as in the Arabic grammar

3. In the name of God the Merciful when grammarians and commentators

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