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Leonard De Vinci University, Paris –France. Diploma in contract management of building. 2014 Basrah University, Iraq: PhD degree in Civil Engineering / Structural Engineering. 2012 Kufa University, Iraq: Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) in Civil Engineering / Structural Engineering. 2004 Kufa University, Iraq: Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) in Civil Engineering. 1993 Profession Civil Engineer Dean’s Assistant for Administration Issues, Head of Structures & Water Resource Department, Head of Planning and Project Designing at Engineering Affairs Dept. Consultant Engineer, Supervising Engineer, Researcher and Lecturer @ University of Kufa- Faculty of Engineering.
• Structural Engineering

• FRP Material as Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete

• Reinforced Concrete Design.

• Numerical Simulation

• Finite Element Method

• Reinforce Concrete Design I for 3rd class

• Estimation and Building Costs for 4th class

• Strength of Material for 2nd class.

• Solid of Engineering Mechanics for 1st class.

• Principles of Engineering Drawings for 1st class

1. Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete slabs reinforced with steel fiber.

2. Theoretical and experimental investigation of reinforced concrete slabs with

Openings reinforced with carbon fiber polymer bars. [dissertation]

3. Theoretical investigation of reinforced concrete T-beams subjected to

Combined torsion and bending.

4. Neural Network Prediction for R.C Column Subjected to Peaking Stress.

5. Predicting the Axial Load Capacity of Steel Columns in Fire Using Artificial

Neural Networks.

6. Neural Network Prediction for R.C Column Subjected to Torsion Effect.

7. The Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete I – Beams With Polypropylene


8. Prediction of shear strength of reinforced concrete beams using Artificial Neural Network and evaluated by Finite Element Software.


1-Estimation and Standard Specifications for Buildings 2015.

2-Guidelines for Detailing of Reinforcement in Concrete Structures 2016.

3- Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis and Design 2017.

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