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UOK A-Z index

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering / University of Mosul, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering / University of Basra and Ph.D. Applied Mechanics / University of Technology. Lecturer at University of Kufa Faculty of Engineering / Department of Mechanical Engineering since 1989.
1-Forming and Deformation Behaviors.

2-Stress Analysis of Members and Structures.

3-Researches in Lubrication, System Analysis and Control.

1-Theory of Elasticity, Theory of Plasticity.

2-Stress Analysis.

3-Strength of Materials, Engineering Mechanics.

4-Manufacturing Processes, Material Engineering .etc.

1-Controlling the Roughness of the Surface That Machined By Elecrto-Chemical

Machining (ECM).

2-Analysis of the Mechanism of Lubrication in Porous Floating-Ring Journal Bearings

Working Under Different Supply Pressure.

3-Elastic-Plastic Stress Waves Propagation in One-Dimensional Members Using the

Method of Characteristics.

4-Stress Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Built Up Beam Using the Unit Cell Method.

5-Analytic Evaluation of the Overall Mass Moment of Inertia For a Four-Link Robotic

Manipulator in the General 3D Motion.

6-An Experimental and A Theoretical Prediction of Power and Torque for the Rolling

Process of Different Cross-Sections.

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