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Msc and PhD from university of Technology , Baghdad,Iraq in stability of large systems and fractal geometry. started with A.Researh mathematician in university of Kufa. Then, accepted his high documents and surname scientific .Has A.Professor in 2002 and PhD in 2005.The first header of mathematics (2008-2011).He is a viewer of scientific journals and conferences . a member of ministerial committee for updating the career .
1- Stability of large scale dynamic systems

2- Cipher problems

3- Interpolation

4- Approximation

5- Fractals and inverse problems

1- Fractal Geometry

2- Stability

3- Ciphering and information

4- Numerical analysis

5- Linear algebra

6- Calculus

7- Differential equations

8- Functional analysis

1- On the public key cryptography,j.Babil un. Vol.7,no.3,pp.496-472,2002 .

2- On positive and negative definite matrices ,j.Babil un. Vol.7,no.3, pp.472- 475,2002 .

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4- a procedure for studying stability of large scale dynamic systems Using directness and reduction of definite matrices , j.AL-Qadissiya un. Vol.6,no.2, pp.27- 30,2001.

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7- stability and instability of interconnected systems using symmetric test matix ,j.AL-Mustansyriya un. Vol.16,no.2, pp.63- 76 ,2005 .

8- magice square with genetic algorithm ,j.AL-Takany, Vol.18,no.2, pp.41- 44 ,2005 .

9- on application of discrete logarithms in information – hiding and knapsack problem with new properties of Sk –sets ,j.Ibn AL- Haithem , Vol.19,no.2, pp.52- 66 ,2006 .

10- On The Application Of Fractal Geometry in Coding Information j.Babil un. Vol.5,no.3, pp.62- 65 ,2005.

11- on studying Hermitian matrix with applications j.Babil un. Vol.5,no.3, pp.66- 68 ,2005.

12- on using information function in evolution ,1st conf of Islamiya un. pp.50- 55 ,2008.

13- Least Squares Interpolation in Cipher Theory ,1st conf of math. ^comp.coll.AL-Qadisya un.,2009,to be published .

14- New Proposed Methods for Coding Information Using Direct Product of Symmetric Matrices and Contraction Functions with New Properties of Hermitian Matrices, 2nd sc.conf of Kufa un.,2009,to be published .

15- On studying Hessian matrix with applications ,2nd conf of math. ^comp.coll.AL-Qadisya un.,2009,to be published .

16- On studying the Relation of Fractal Interpolating Functions and physical Parameters , 1st physical conf .Kufa Un.2010 .

17- on stability of large scale systems ,j.FMCS ,1012 .

18- Using ANN in finding the rules of equations . j.FMCS,2012 .

19 – mathematics in Quraan ,j.of Islamiv College, 2011.

20- Trigonometric Algorithm for Computing Fractal Shapes,1st con.,faculity of math. &comp sc.,un.Tikrit .

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