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-She got certicates of b.a , master and doctora from university of Baghdad in Iraq . she has been teaching in the universities since 1997 . She has served as chief of Arabic department in the university of Diyala 2004-2006, and later in kufa university in 2008-2009 and now she is the Dean of the basic education college in kufa university . -Member of Board of trustees in the network of women scientists . - She gets the armor of the university of Kufa as the first dean of the women in the history of the university of kufa . -received an award for academic women idealism of the civil society forum in Najaf.
-Quranic studies linguistic and rhetorical .

-Quranic studies structural and aesthetic.

-Applied Quranic studies

-quranic text analysis

-Quranic expression

-rhetoric studies

-critical studies

1.quranic text structure

2.paradise in the holy Quran

3.Anecotal crisis management in the holy quran .

4.rhetorical quranic text.

5.interpretation of Alqadr quoted in the book of " Kashf al asrar" to Ibn Auraibi.

6.Al gahed in "Al bokala " and Ghassan Kanafani in his short stories .

7.the effect of "Aletezal " in the poetry of Al sahib bin Abbad .

8.inroduction to the study of Quranic structures .

9.Rhetorical structure at the rore front of technical surah " Almaedah ".

10.text succession adam in the holy quran

11.rhetoric technical structure in evidence "surat alameda "

12.Reversed and imagination in overprinted sheikh abdul kareem al gazaeri.

13.semantic vision of Alhakeem and employ them in the interpretation of surat Al hadeed example .

14.method of controversy in the holy quran .

15.improve the performance of the Arabic language .

16.parise of the prophet in the holy quran .

17.effect Quran to deepen the meaning of the certicate in human thought.

18.Quranic extensions the words of imam Alkadhim

19. singlein the ways of history study in the context of Quranic .

20. Dialectic of the following in the context of surat Al maeda.


1.women between the rights and duties .

2.chosen from the Alwiyyan families in Qum.

3.problematic concept of family vision Quranic critic .


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