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- BA degree with honors in Educational Statistics /AI- Mustansiriyah University Baghdad.1974 M.Sc. in Social statistic Sheffield University / U.K.1980 PH.D. in Demography Sheffield University / U.K. 1983 Language Study: English. Thesises MSC thesis title : The Construction of a life table from incomplete data - A case study for Iraq. PhD thesis title : Population Projections for Iraq: The development of data base for planning purposes. membership of scientific societies International union for the Scientific Study of Population( IUSSP) / U.S.A -1984. - Association of Arab demographers / Tunisia - 1987. - Association of Statistical Sciences / Baghdad - 1986. - Iraqi Translators Association / Baghdad - 1990. - Geographical Society of Iraqi / Baghdad - 1990. - Family Planning Association of Iraq / Baghdad - 1993. - Crescent Society of Iraq / Baghdad - 1994.
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There is currently no content to view in this section.
1. The development of statistical basis for projections of population in Iraq (from the missing data) - (research in English) published in Population Bulletin of ESCWA - 1985.

2. Psychological injuries during a time of war between reality and fiction - a publication in the Faculty of Arts / Mustansiriya University - 1988 (in English).

3. Social and economic factors and psychological influential Iraqi women Fertility - Faculty of Arts / University of Mustansiriyah - special issue of the scientific conference of the College 1986.

4. Reproductive and economic development in Iraq - Faculty of Arts / University Mustansiriyah - special issue of the second scientific conference of the College 1990.

5. Outcomes and impacts of the policy of encouraging reproduction on Iraqi women - Journal of Faculty of Education / University of Mustansiriyah 1990.

6. Population policy encouraging Fertility having in Iraq - causes and consequences - Conference of Statistics and Computers - Cairo, May 1990.

7. Psychological and social outcomes of the decision to transfer workers to staff members - the Journal for the generations to No. 1 of 1988.

8. Functioning of Iraqi women during a time of war (1980 to 1987).

9. Problems of women in personal development resulting from the Iraqi points of view of the Iraqi mothers 1990.

10. The role of the mother in the face of family crises - 1992.

11. User-level social, economic and cultural development of the Iraqi people - 1994.

12 .Use & Abuse of Statistics 2012,

14. Marriage Across-Frontiers: a study of marriages of foreigners in Iraq a comparative study.

16. Iraqi women between home , motherhood and work in the face of family crisis.

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