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He holds a Bachelor / Arts / University of Mosul 1989-1990. Master's in modern history / Arts / University of Mosul in 1994. First doctorate in modern history / Research and Studies Institute / Cairo 2004. Second doctorate / Arts / University of Kufa / 2011. Teaching in Libyan universities during the period 1996-2004. Teaching at the University of Mosul / College of Arts 2005-2006. Teaching at the University of Kufa / Faculty of Arts / since 2006 and up to the present time. Specialization modern history, in the field of Ottoman history.
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- Libyan Jihad against the Spanish occupation and the Knights of Malta (1511-1551 AD).

- Ottoman policy toward Iraq 1514-1534.

- Administrative organization in the state of Baghdad in 1534-1623.

- Najaf Conference 1743.


- Economic conditions in the state of Tripoli and Provincial Benghazi 1835-1991.(Tripoli: Libyan Jihad Center for Historical Studies 2006).

- Management and Leadership , (Najaf: Dar Al- dyai , 2007).

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