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Bch. In civil engineering from Kufa University in 2000, M.Sc. from Kufa University in the field of structural engineering in 2004. Joined the teaching staff of faculty of engineering in 2005.PhD in structural engineering from BasrahUniversity ,Iraq in 2011.
1-Analysis and Design of Concrete Structure

2-Optimization in Design of Steel Structure

3-Steel Reinforcement Alternative in Concrete Structure

1-Design of Concrete Structure

2-Design of Steel Structure

3-Strength of Materials

4-Programing with Computer Languages

1-Ali, A. A. :Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams under Combined Bending and Torsion With and Without Fiber by Using Finite Element Method. (2009)

2-The Second Scientific Conference for of the College of Engineering at University of Kufa

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