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He holds a doctorate in philosophy Physical Education majoring aware of physiological psychology from the University of Qadisiya - Iraq on 23/01/2010, holds the title of scientific (Assistant Professor) on 11/04/2010, President of the Department of Physical Education / evening study in the College of Education for Girls, Director of the Directorate of Physical Education and technical University of Kufa, author of principles of Statistics for the faculties and departments of Physical Education, author of the creative capabilities, has 13 research publication and accepted for publication in the fields of sports psychology and physiology and sports athletic training, participant in many conferences inside Iraq. Vice Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Arab Union of Karate (United Arab Emirates). Lecturer in the Arab Union of Karate, Iraqi record holder Wathba triple junior track and field games 1995
Study the work of endocrine glands and their impact on human behavior.

stress for athletes and their reflections on athletic level.

ways to get rid of stress.

Certified trainer in relaxation techniques.

impulse control and pressure by pressing positions in the field of sports.

finding scientific transactions using a computer.

develop mathematical level of the upper levels (physical, skill and educational plans)

Mathematical Statistics.

Sports Psychology.

testing and measurement.

Principles of basketball.

the principles of track and field.


Study Taatobeih level Iraqi athletics results for t e period of 1993-2003h

Analytical study to re-studied physical education for undergraduate students' point of view

The impact of the program to relax and regulate breathing in some physiological variables and achievement of the effectiveness ran in 5000 for young people

Comparison between the four teams advanced to the United Europe basketball in scoring basketball skill for the 2005 season Journal

Analytical study of the site the best achievement of the six attempts in shooting and athletics jump

Concern teaching and its relationship to some personality traits

Psychological security and its relationship with concern the future of students of the Faculty of Education for Girls

Psychological endurance and its relationship to some personality traits for the students of Department of Physical Education of the University of Kufa

Hope and achieve goals and personal relationship tags with students

Following wellness exercises in some respiratory variables functional and physical attributes and performance skills among youth karate players.

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