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- Holds a master's degree from the University of Baghdad - Holds a Ph.D. from the University of Babylon jurisdiction in the science of sports training - A scientific researcher in the field of training and fitness especially for individual games - A lecturer at the Arab Union in the field of training - Director of the Sports Unit in the Faculty of Law of 2005 - to 2008 - Director of Physical Education in the Office of the University from 2011 - 2012 and so far - Chief of Applied Sciences in the Faculty of Physical Education from 2009 - to 2012 - Teacher of material science of sports training and substance weightlifting and boxing material and material fitness - Designer device that measures the speed of kinetic response of players punching.
Sports training equipment design

Studies on the evolution of the world in sports training

Studies on future planning

Studies on motor learning and development through training

Functional studies on variables through physical effort

Mathematical training material

Article fitness

Article weightlifting

Article boxing

1 - a relationship some mechanical variables standby modes (fixed and mobile) speed performance skills for youth karate players.

2 - Effect of practical exercises in the standby mode and learning some motor skills Mptdi karate (aged 15-16).

3 - after wellness exercises and respiratory proposal in some variables and physical attributes and performance skills for young players karate.

4 - after training methods proposed in the development of the range of motion of the front kick two men's junior karate players.

5 - Effect of exercises according to indicators (time and pulse) to develop the level of the aerobic capacity of students of the fourth stage.

6 - skills and their relationship to self-aggressive behavior of players in the Premier League football.

7 - competitive behavior and its relationship to performance skills and achievement of junior players karate

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