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-B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from Babylon University at 1997. -M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering (Power) from Kufa University at 2002. -PhD in Power mechanics (Thermo Mechanics) from Basrah University at 2015. - Work as head assistance of Electrical Engineering department from 2003-2004. - Work as head of continuous learning department from 2005-2010. - Joined to the research scholarship in School of Engineering-Cardiff University from 16/2 to 16/8/2014. - Main lecturer in many courses of engineering training and associate in several conferences. R
- Engineering and Numerical analysis methods

- Programming of heat transfer and fluid flow problems.

- Create and development programs using Fortran language, C, C++,MATLAB, ANSYS CFX and FLUENT-

- Engineering and Numerical Analysis.

- Mechanics of fluid.

- Heat Transfer.


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