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B.A., M.A. & Ph.D. in History from University of Kufa in Arab Homeland Modern History. A member in Arab Historians Union since 2000. Director of Students' Affairs 1999-2001 in University of Kufa. Head of Media department 2003 in University of Kufa. Head of Student's Resident 2003-2006 in University of Kufa. Dean Asst. for scientific affairs in University of Kufa.
- Arab Homeland Modern History

- Methods of Historical Research

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- Economic Geographic Thought of Al-Maqdisi, Qadissya Journal 2002.

- Al-Kufa Mosque and its Architecture Design, Kufa journal 2002.

- Al-Najaf City Plans in the Ottomans Documents, Kufa journal 2003.

- Al-Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Kashif Al-Ghitaa and his Role in the Reformation Movement- His Attitude of the Woman as an example, Islamic University College Journal 2009.

- Yusuf Rigeb and His Reformation Opinions 1900-1947, Islamic University College Journal 2011.

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