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M.Sc in Applied Mathematics from Russian University of Oil and Gas in Moscow in 2001 and Ph.d in Differential Equations in 2005 from Voronezh University in Russia .Lecture in University of Kufa since 2005
1- Dynamical Systems

2- Functional Differential Equations

1- Ordinary Differential Equations

2- Partial Differential Equations

3- Theory of Differential Equations

4- Foundation of Mathematics

5- Calculus

1- Hadi J Mustafa ,Ahmed W Shehab, Ahmed M Rajab :ON Properties S**Continuous functions, Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer 2010

2- Ahmed W Shehab :On Lipschitz Continuity of Harmonic Quasiregular Maps on the Unit Ball in ,Journal of Babylon University 2010

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