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Qualification : Master and Ph.D degree (Baghdad University) in Islamic history [Al Rashidi – civilization]. Worked as teacher at Teachers preparing institute –lecturer at Kufa university /college of Arts.
: Biography of the prophet - Islamic civilization- Crusades - Orientalism.

Faculty concerns : Science education for preliminary studies students (Bachelor) including : Umayyad history ,Abbasid history, historical philosophy and historical geography. Science education for master students including : Achievement of texts ,economical studies ,Arab historians and crusades in english. Science education for doctorate students including : Islamic intellectual currents, Quranic text and Orientalism in English .

Supervised many Master theses as: Sassanid state history in Arab works. Political effect in the social life evolution Madina in Rashidi era 11-41 A.H.

Supervised many doctorate theses as :Policy exile and displacement in Islamic state till 132 A.H /750 A.D . The historical view of the Muslim historians of crusades.

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Al Jaraa and it's commercial effect - Al Rafidain Arts Journal- Mosul University no.32 / 1999 . Attitude of elite companions of the prophet from killing 'Othman – Al Rafdain Arts no.35 /2002. The effect of orientalist approach on Watt in his biographical study - the Islamic college university journal,no.6 /2009. The unique in the prophet era – the Islamic college university journal,no.12 /2010. The first in the prophet era – Hawlyat al Montada journal, no. 5/2010. The crusades (evolution of the term and concept) – Journal of Babylon University, volume 19,no.4/2011.

Scientific conferences (participant as researcher) : 1st Scientific conference – College of Arts- Al Basrah University- 6-7/3/2002. Conference of humanity sciences – College of Arts-University of Kufa – 15-17 /4/2008 . The international scientific conference on the personality of the Prophet - College of Arts – University of Kufa - 17-22 /2/2011 .

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