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Scientific Status: Assist. Prof. Since 2000. General Specialism: Arabic and Literature. Specific Specialism: Abbasyd and Andulusian Literature. Address : Al-Najaf / Kufa University/College of Arts/Dept. of Arabic B.A. in Arabic Language and Literature / University of Basra/1972. * * M.A.in Arabic and Literature / Abbasyd Literature /College of Education, University of Basra in 3/1/1990 . Professor of Kufa University, College of Arts since 1992. * Ph.D. in Arabic Literature, University of Basra, College of Arts/1997. * Experience in Teaching : 1-Arabic Poetics—Ph.D. studies. 2-Modern Critical Methods—Ph.D. 3-Poetic Language—Ph.D. Under-graduate Experience: 1- Abbasyd Literature. 2- Andalusian Literature. 3-Arabic Rhetoric. Now, Head of Arabic Dept., College of Arts, Kufa University.
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1-The Impac of Glorious Quran on the Mystic Poetry of Abil-Ataahy. Basra Arts/2001.

2- Narrative story in the Baiya of Saheem Abd Bin Al-Hassas. College of Education, Kufa. 13-14,2001.

3- Special Reference in Asshareef Arradi ’s Poetry- Islamic University Journal. Najaf.

4- International Irony in the Poet of Ahmad Matar. Babylon University Journal.


1- The ForthScientific Conference of Al-Kadisya University 28 – 29 March 2001.

2- The Second national Conference, College of Education, Kufa University. October 2001.

3- First National Conference, College of Arts, University of Basra. 2001.

4- First International Conference. College of Education, University of Basra.

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