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Scientific Title: Assistant Lecturer Education: Masters General jurisdiction: Arabic Specialization: Arabic Rhetoric Certificate: T. certificate academic year donor 1 Master's University of Kufa / Faculty of Arts 2008 Languages fluently: T. languages degree of proficiency in reading and writing conversation Administrative service record: Workplace duration of the type of work Kufa University / Faculty of Arts from 1/10/2007 to 12/5/2008 Associate Librarian Contributions to community service: Place contribution history kind of contribution Library literary competent 01/30/2012 Researcher Prizes and gifts: Alckrat: 1 - thank you letter from the Dean of the Faculty of Arts Other things: a student in the doctoral level, and has a partially emptied.
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Courses and workshops Enrolled in:

1 - Two electronic calculator at the University of Kufa

2 - Two courses in teaching methods at the University of Kufa

Posts scientific conferences and type of participation:

T. conference title the conference venue type of participation

1 jeweler University Conference Kufa / Great Hall attend

2 Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture Kufa University / Great Hall attend

3 Poetry World Forum Kufa University / Great Hall attend

T. Research Title Place of Publication Year of Publication

1 denote the bell and rhythm in the single Quranic Journal of the Faculty of Jurisprudence from the Faculty of Jurisprudence at the University of Kufa 2010

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