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UOK A-Z index

- holding a ba in law 1994 - ma in comparative civil law thesis title : (the commitment theory in Iraqi legis lations : a comparative study) PHD in civil law: Pissertation title : (rights and money in Iraqi laws) -supervising and participation in many conferences in different Iraqi universities - participating in building the new Iraq among the leadership of Islamic work - participating in many central committees in the administration of the university - previously head of the department of political sciences/ college of law / university of kufa - previously dean of the central institute for leadership and admins trative development Assistant to the dean of the college of law and political sciences for scientific affairs.
1-comparative civil legal jurisprudence

2- the Iraq school of civil law

3- legal jurisprudence and Iraq judicial

4- methods of teaching law and teaching ingeneral

5- the art of legislation drafting

6- bridging the legislative gaps and the inability of legislature

7-the shadow cabinet and the Iraqi socio – political reality

8-shite political thought

9- the principles and emergence of the science of jurisprudence

10 –law in ancient Iraq

11- human rights and humanitarian international law

12- electronic innorations in legal exchange and electronic contracts

13-the role of the holy religious authority in the building of new Iraq

1-teaching private civil law

2-the general theory of commitment (soarces and provisous )

3- contracts (selling – rehting – entrepreneurships)

4- history of law

5- human rights

6- the science of jurisprudence

7- the principles of electronic law

1-the binding force of contract

2- agent hurt insurance in banking and electronic dealing

3- documenting didital documents in electronic dealing

4- commitment theory in Iraqi legislations: a comparative

5- the financial right in Iraqi legislation a comparative

6- the emergence of law in ancient Iraq

7- human right between Islamic sharia law and descriptive law

8- a study on the oil law

9- the selling contract : a property transforming

10- the role of the holy religious authority in building the new Iraq

11- the shadow cabinet in the light of the Iraq socio political reality

12- Shiite political thought (sources and principles)

13-the obligatory will

14- the rmergence of the science of jurisprudence.

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