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I got a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa in the specialty of Arabic language and literature, and then Masters 2002 and Ph.D. 2005 from Institute of Arab history for Graduate Studies / Baghdad / League of Arab States, served more than a quarter of a century in the Ministry of Education after she moved to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and attributed to the Faculty of Basic Education.
cash and literary studies.

heritage studies.

historical studies.

Studies on nonviolence.

Arab scientific heritage.

literary criticism.

Human Rights and Democracy.

1. And significant place in the poetry of Mr. Mustafa Jamal al-Din / 2003, the book Astzcara Mr. Jamal al-Din.

2. Historical writing when Dr. Taha Hussein - on the sidelines of the curriculum model - Journal of the Center for the Study of Kufa / 2006.

3. Historical writing at Dr. Hassan al-Hakim - Orientalism and Orientalists model -, the letter issued by the conference / 2006.

4. Money, weights and measures in Arab Almagamat:

Journal of the Center for the Study of Kufa, p 6/2007.

5. Sapphire Hamwi and his approach in a dictionary countries - plans Kufa model - Journal of Qadisiyah Humanities / University of Qadisiyah / 2009.

6. Critique of the story when Prof. Dr. Ali Jawad Tahir:

Journal of English Language and Literature / Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa / 2009.

7. Law Ornmo and human rights:

Journal of the Faculty of Arts / University of Dhi Qar / 2008.

8. Taha Hussein and Arabic:

Book issued by the Conference of Arabic / College of Basic Education / University of Kufa / 2010.

9. The role of universities in the cultural development:

Book issued in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / 2010.

10. Poem greet Taha lapidary (critical study):

Joint research / Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa / special book for the conference / 2011.

11. Albeblograve effort when Dr. Sabah Nuri Almrzuk / Journal of Babylon Center for Humanitarian Studies / University of Babylon 2011.

12. Shomran Yasiri (Abu ????) experience a unique journalist / Journal and Wasit 2011.

13. Monasteries, selling and places of worship in the areas of Najaf and bewilderment:

Journal of Mesopotamia / 2012.

14. Prof. Dr. Kamal Mazhar Ahmad and deepen the impact of culture in common:

A book for the Conference / Sulaymaniyah / 2012.

15. Awad brothers and their role in the service of the Arab-Islamic heritage:

A book for the Conference / Erbil / Aankawa / 2012.

16. Architecture in the Arab-Muslim heritage:

Special book College of Urban Planning Conference / University of Kufa / 2013.

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