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She holds a diploma from the Institute of Teacher Education in Wasit, a bachelor's degree in Arabic language from the College of Education, University of Wasit, and a master's and doctorate degrees from the College of Arts, University of Kufa. I participated in a number of activities and conferences at the same university, as well as teaching grammar, morphology, Arabic language, recitation and memorization in it.
Modern linguistic studies

Lexical study

Study Results

Educational Studies

Rhetorical Studies

Grammatical studies

Linguistic study (exchange)

Islamic study

Literary study

Phonemic connotation in Nahj al-Balaghah

The effect of substitution in changing the connotation of the word used.

Derivatives between the lexical status and poetic use of Al-Mutanabi - a semantic morphological lexical study -

The human being in the Qur’an

Submission and delay in Nahj al-Balaghah

Raising a child in Surat Yusuf

The substitution between cosmic laws and social theory - Quranic study -

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