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I hold a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering University of KUFA (13/7/ 1999), and I hold a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering / Power Mechanics from the Faculty of Engineering University of KUFA (31/8/ 2002) and holds a degree in teaching methods, ICDL.
Studies of forced convection heat transfer, Studies aerodynamics of air around objects, studies of eccentric annular cross section pipe. creating and modifying a specialized computer source codes such as ANSYS Fluent..
Numerical and Engineering analysis, Manufacturing Process I, Manufacturing Processes II, . Engineering Mechanics (Static and Dynamic).
1. Aerodynamic Characteristics Improving of S809 Airfoil in Wind Turbine with Microtab.

2. Numerical Investigation of Laminar Flow over a Rotating Circular Cylinder.

3. Effect of Angular Velocity of Inner Cylinder on Laminar Flow through Eccentric Annular Cross Section Pipe.

4. Force Convection of Laminar Liquid Flow inside Pipe Exerted to Non-Uniform Heat Flux.

5- Newtonian and non-Newtonian Power Law Fluid for Laminar Flow through Symmetric Abrupt Expansion Channel .

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