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Certificate: Ph.D. General jurisdiction: Arabic Language and Literature Specialization: modern literature and criticism Certificate T. academic certificates Donor year 1 Bachelor Mustansiriya University 1986 2 Master Kufa University, 2000 3 PhD University of Kufa, 2006 Held positions T. duration of office to the workplace 1 DECISION Department of English Language 2006 - 2008 Faculty of Arts 2 College Board Secretary from 2008 to 2009 Faculty of Arts 3 Secretary College Board 2010 - 2011 Faculty of Arts 4 managing editor of Arabic 2010 - 2012 Faculty of Arts 5 member of the editorial board of the Journal of Arts 2009 - 2012 Faculty of Arts Administrative service record T. workplace duration of the type of work Contributions to community service T. Place contribution history kind of contribution 1 member of the Authority Advisory Heritage magazine Najafi 2007 - 2012 scientific Prizes and gifts T. title prize donor history Posts scientific conferences and type of participation: many inside and outside Iraq as a researcher. Experience: calendar Masters and PhDs scientifically. Experience: discuss Masters and PhDs and supervision. Academic experience: calendar Masters and PhDs and scientific research linguistically
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Courses and workshops Enrolled in: teaching methods course twice, computer ICDL.
T. Research Title Place of Publication Year of Publication

1 cinematic vision and its impact in the holy hell Journal of the Arabic language and Literature 2010

2 Critical Reading in the book (rhythm in poetry from home to Trochee) Syed Mustafa Jamal al-Din Journal of Studies Center Kufa 2009

3 Aanita Avicenna and Abu Madi between the depth of experience and the tool magazine Arabic poetry and Literature 2007

4 read magazine in the sails of hell Sadeer 2003

5 hair Sheikh Mohammed Jawad rhetorical collection and investigation and study Sheikh conference rhetorical 2007

6 Introduction to the study of the stanzas of poetry Najafi (1266-1400) e Journal of the Islamic University, 2009

7 Features of the romantic poetry of Abdel Moneim Fartusi Journal of the Arabic language and Literature 2008

8 spinning in the traditional hair-Najafi - a preliminary study Journal of Educational Babylon 2005

9 features environment ??????? effect in the literary movement Journal of the Arabic language and Literature 2009

Books written:

1 - Layout legendary and its impact on the hair by Sheikh Jaafar.

2 - in the modern literary criticism and literary doctrines.

3 - Alaenja Alaloyat.

4 - Summary statement Khaqan tribe.

Creative works: a collection of short stories entitled "basements silence" and Msarhatan.

Translated books: None.

Published articles: too many, have been published over the years in Iraqi newspapers and magazines and the Internet.

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