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Ph.D. in the philosophy of jurisprudence studies and fundamentalist / Sharia / University of Kufa Positions and tasks 1-an aide to the former Dean of the Faculty of Law 2-President of the College of Law previously 3-representative for teachers 4-Chairman of the Cultural Committee 5-Chairman of the Committee of social solidarity 6-the founder of the university forum Tuesday 7-orator and Mhazera in the seminars and university celebrations 8-a researcher at several conferences 9-Chairman of the Division of missions and relations previously 10-Chairman of the Educational Guidance Committee Sub
1-Search doctrinal studies and comparison between fundamentalist Islamic doctrines

2-Search comparative jurisprudence studies with positive law

3-Search for Contemporary Studies on in contemporary jurisprudence

4-Recent studies in Market Square community (emerging fatwas)

1-teaching comparative jurisprudence at the University of Kufa

2-Teaching origins of comparative jurisprudence at the University of Kufa

3-Teaching Philosophy Islamic University Mr. Alclantr Najaf Hawza

4-all of the above and jealousy in the possession of Najaf

1-intellectual property rights between the Sharia and Law

2-fixed and variable in Islamic law

3-jurisprudence between Concept and Evolution

4-Summary key in comparative jurisprudence

5-different reasons scholars

6-Free World and its method in detail means Shiites

7-what it is and its provisions dislocation in Islamic jurisprudence

8-Lessons in wills and inheritances in light of the personal status law

9-Islamic thought and contemporary legislative trends area Lafraaanmozja

10-banditry between rooting doctrinal and legal theorizing

11-the development of fundamentalist thought in the school of Najaf

12-stop right thought in Islamic jurisprudence

And many others in press

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