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Bachelor in mathematics (1993) from Faculty of Science -Al-Mustansiriyah University. Appointed as Lecture assistant at the University of Kufa Faculty of Science on the 30th of March 1994.On the 13th of Jan,2000 I received my M.Sc degree in Science from the Science Faculty, Al-Mustansiriyah University. Become a Lecturer on the 2nd of April 2008.
1-Ordinary Differential Equation

2-Linear Al-gebra

3- Statistical

4-Numerical Methods

1- Calculus

2- Linear Al-gebra

3- Ordinary Differential Equation

4- Numerical Analysis using Matlab

5- Computer(Windows, C++ language and Matlab)

1-Hadi J.Mustafa; Asker Hussein K.and Al-Saiq Inaam R: Compact-F and Lindelöf –C spaces; Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computer.(2010)

2-Al-Kutubi Hadeel S. and Al-Saiq Inaam R.:On Student Comprehension For There Year Courses In Mathematics Department ;Journal of Thi-Qar for Sciences.(2009)

3-Al-Saiq Inaam R.:Jamp Phenomina of Frequency Response Curve(FRC). Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for pure science.(2008)

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5-Gabbara Sami; Zarnan Jumah A.and Al-Saiq Inaam R: Numerical and Algebric Methods for matrix Inversion for certain Patterend and Hermition matrices a comparison study; The First National Conference In Mathematical Science 25-26 September College of Science-Al-Mustansiriyah University.(2001)

6- Gabbara Sami; Zarnan Jumah A.and Al-Saiq Inaam R: Numerical and Algebric Methods for finding Eigen values for Certain Patterend Matrix,a Comparison Study:Conference In Science 23-24 /10/2001.

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