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General jurisdiction: Arabic Language and Literature Specialization: modern Arabic literature Certificate: T. academic certificates Donor Year 1 Bachelor Basra University, 1990 2 Master Basra University, 1993 3 PhD University of Baghdad in 2001 T. languages Drjhalajadh book and read a conversation 1 English 75% 75% 75%
Posts scientific conferences and type of participation: Conference Hussein / Mustansiriya University
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Scientific research published

T. Research Title Place of Publication Year of Publication

1 lattice Description novelist literature Mustansiriya p / 45-2007

2 home Alencaben Algoshalcharihoathar new novel literature Basra p / 35-2002

3 discourse novelist and poetic Houdortaqh Journal of English Language and Literature AS / 3-2002


1 - plans Ghitani rooting for Arabic Fiction and sent inherited Gaii Arab magazine Sadeer p \ -2004

2 - isolation and human destiny in the novel ring sand Fouad Takarli \ Journal Najafih Studies first year p \ 1-2004

3 - novel message Alrsaúlah in the Abbabp Arab and ????? model search Manuscript

4 - Myth and prototype in literature novelist Abdul Rahman Munif magazine Sadeer number \ 8 eighth year.

5 - miraculous hollow in the ground search Manuscript

Poetic narrative Arab Studies in Contemporary Arab narrative series issued by the magazine Baniqia \ Najaf \ 2007.

Chapter of the book An introduction to fiction, Robert Stanton

T. articles published addresses Place of Publication Year of Publication

Kalim Muharram magazine springs 2007

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