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Held positions Workplace Duration - - to job Department of English Language 1-10-2010-1-10-2012 decision the afternoon shift Department of English Language 12.1.2012 and so far representative quality in the section Administrative service record Type the duration of the work - to the workplace Administrators - Print from 16.03.2006 to 1-12-2006 Department of Arabic Language Administrators - Print 1-11-2008 to 17.04.2011 Department of Arabic Language Thanksgiving books against him Six Acknowledgments of Mr. Dean from 03/16/2006 until 01/01/2012 Scientific expertise - Five letters Master calendar from 14/09/2009 until 01/01/2012 Experiences - Teaching in the Department of Arabic Language ((morning and evening)) For the years 2010-2011 - 2012 Teaching in the Department of Philosophy of the academic year 2010-2011
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Experiences and workshops

1 - and workshop held by the Vsm quality at the university 2011

2 - The workshop hosted by the College of Nursing 2011

3 - The workshop which Avamtha Faculty of Pharmacy Year 2012

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