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-M.B.Ch.B 1987 Medical College,Kufa University -Diploma Int. Medicine 1994 Medical College,Kufa University. -Arab Board of Medicine 1999 Baghdad -2012 -onward Professor in internal medicine, medical college, kufa university -2009 - Consultant physician at the medical department of Najaf teaching hospital -2001-2012 Assistant professor at the medical college, kufa university, Lecturer in clinical pharmacology at the same college -1998- 2001 Lecturer at Kufa medical college,department of internal medicine and senior physician at the medical department of Najaf teaching hospital -1994-1998Study for the Arabic board degree at Al Kadhimiya Teaching hospital Baghdad -1993-1994Study for Diploma degree in Int medicine,Kufa university -1992-1993Senior H. Officer at the medical department of Al Najaf teaching hospital -1991-1992G.P.of rural health center / Najaf Governorate Health Sector -1989-1991Aviation Doctor –Compulsory Military Service -1987-1989Junior House Office Al-Najaf Teaching Hospital. -1987Graduate-M.B.Ch.B Kufa Medical College
Rheumatological diseases

Diabetes mellitus

Cardiac dysfunction




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