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Assistant Lecturer, University of Baghdad, Iraq , 15/02/1999 until 01/06/1999. Assistant Lecturer, Higher Institute for Teachers, Nalut, Libya, 08/11/1999 until 01/07/2001. Employer in the RTI (Research Triangle Institute) Hilla, Iraq, 01/02/2004 until 01/08/2004. Assistant Lecturer, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq, 25/12/2005 until 8/6/2011. Lecturer, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq , 9/6/2011 until now.
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Academic Journals

1- Al-Hindawe, A., L., On b-Syndetic Sets, Kufa Journal for Mathematics and Computer Sciences, No.4 ,2011.

2-Mustafa,H.,J.,Mezaal,A.,K.,Al-Hindawe,A.,L.,Operator Topological Spaces, Almustansirea journal, to appear,2011.

3-Alkutubi,H.,S.,Mosa,A.,L.,Regression of AGE Groups Cancer, Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for pure sciences. Vol. 14,No. 3,2009.

4-Mustafa, H.,J., Al-Hindawe, A.,L., ?-Separation Axioms, Proceedings of The First Conference for Pure and Applied Sciences,Kufa university, 12-13 March 2008.

5-Al-Kutaibi,S.,H.,and Al-Hindawe, A.,L., On Irresolute and Strongly Irresolute Topological Groups, Dirasat journal, University of Jordan ,Vol. 27, pure sciences,No.1,February 2000.

M.Sc. thesis: On Some Types of Semi Topological Groups,1998

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