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B.Sc. from University of Kufa/ Faculty of Pharmacy in Pharmacy Scince. M.Sc. from University of AL-Nahrain/ Faculty of Medicine in Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Study of the effect of honey and natural products on differrent diseases.

Study of the effect of drugs on ischemic injuries in variuos organs and tissues.

Study of the effect of drugs on immunological parameters in immune diseases.

Basic and clinical pharmacology

Practical therapeutics

Clinical toxicology

1- Abdul Kareem H. Abd, Ahmed R. Abu- Raghif, Ihssan Salah M. R. Rabea*. Antibacterial Activity of Different Types of Honey in Comparison to Ciprofloxacin Aga inst Multidrug-Resistance Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Infected Burn. Kufa Medical Journal 2010 (14) 2.

2-Abdul Kareem H. Abd Ali, M. Al-Mohana, Ihssan Salah M. R. Rabea*. Efficacy of Topical Therapy of Some Natural Products in Comparison with Ciprofloxacin Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Induced Burns. Kufa Medical Journal 2010 (14) 2.

3- Maysaa ali abdul khaleq, Abdulkareem H. Abd, Ihsan Salah M.R. Rabeea. Efficacy of combination of Meropenem with Ciprofloxacin, and Nitrofurantoin against resistant E. coli isolated from patients with Urinary tract infections: In vitro Study. AL- Yarmouk Journal 2011

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