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M.Sc. in Conservative dentistry and Ph.D.in Prosthodonticdentistry from Baghdad University.Visiting teacher at the post graduate studies at the University of Baghdad. Acting dean of the University ofKufaDental College 2011.
1- Implant design.

2- Acrylic-artificial tooth bond.

3- Tooth shade.

1- Fixed prosthesis.

2- Endodontic therapy.

1- Incidence of the presence of the cusp of Carabeli in the maxillary permanent molars from an Iraqi sample.(1998)

Iraqi Dent J,: 22: 85-90

2- Assessment of the mickroleakage of amalgam fillings using silver varnish (in vitro study). (1998)

Iraqi Dent J,: 23: 12-7

3- The role of modifying the core-vent implants thread on occlusal load distribution in bone (A finite element study). (2002)

J of College of Dentistry, Vol 12; 4-11.

4- Stress transmission of five commercially available implants (A finite element analysis). (2002)

J of College of Dentistry, Vol 12; 32-37.

5- Finite element stress analysis of Nobelpharma implant and four proposed modifications. (2002)

J of College of Dentistry, Vol 14, 17-22.

6- Effect of retention grooves on stress distribution at the resin tooth/denture resin interface (A finite element study). (2004)

J College Dentistry, 7-10.

7- An evaluation of the effect of retention means on increasing the debonding strength of the denture acrylic teeth attached to the denture base resin. (2005)

J College Dentistry, Vol 17(1), 14-17.

8- Assessment of the properties of locally produced impression compound. (2005)

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9- The effect of recasting on the castability of the prepared Co-Cr dental bas-metal casting alloys. (2007)

J BaghColl Dentistry, Vol. 19 (1), 24-27.

10- Determination of the vertical dimension by cranio-facial measurement using clinical and cephalometric analysis (comparative study). (2009)

J Bagh College Dentistry, Vol. 21 (4): 44-7.

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