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BSc(History)/ University of kufa. MSc(Modern History)/ 2002. Ph.D. (Iran's modern history and contemporary)/ 2005
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Iran's modern history and contemporary(for MSc. Students).
1- The role of Iraqi officers in the Great Arab Revolt (1916-1918 Journal of Studies in the History and Archaeology, No. 8 for the year 2006.

2- Indian conflict - Pakistan on Emirate of Kashmir (1947-1970) Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Human Sciences, No. 2 for the year 2008

3- Policy Nasir al-Din Shah Foreign toward Herat (1856-1857) Journal of the Islamic University College, No. 5 for the year 2008.

4- Internal political developments in Iran (1941-1951) Journal of Babel (Babylon University), No. 2 in September 2008

5- UAE relations with regional and international powers until the end of the nineteenth century Journal of the Islamic University College, No. 14 for the year 2011.

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